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We are looking for dealers in the Baltics. It is possible to buy goods at a wholesale price. According to the quantities also discounts. In addition, it is possible to buy furniture, electronics or tools for unsorted baskets or racks. Products may have defects. The products are in original packages and not tested. Example prices : Unspecified electronics 800 € / beer, retail price 4200 € Mdf furniture 200 € / beer , retail price 1000 € pictures Furniture base more solid wood furniture 500 € / beer , retail price 2000 € pictures Wholesale Retail business manager Raido Aron +372 511 36 00 Purchasing a Transfer Products that you have visited in our shop on the spot can be purchased with a transfer. Later claims and refunds are not accepted for inappropriate goods. We can issue invoices when the amount is at least € 200. Due date for the same day - products can not be booked. Unfortunately, we do not offer credit, and goods must be paid for delivery for goods. Requests must be sent to