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  1. Are prices negotiable or final? All converter prices are fixed and there is no trading room. We have already taken into account possible defects and wear in determining the price. Discounting is done in a systematic way. Discounts are affected by a variety of factors, such as time, stock and stocks.
  2. Can products be booked? Unfortunately, we do not have a booking system, since in most cases only one product is available. It's a good rule to be ahead of this man!
  3. Where is the product size in the letter? The product dimensions are nicely listed in the description of the product. Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 16.02.32
  4. Can I buy products online? Are you posting products? The converter does not currently have an e-store, and products can only be purchased in our used department store in Tallinn. We do not ship products with mail or courier.
  5. Where can I come from? Our large 1000m² used shop is located in P. P.inna, 21, Lasnamäe, Tallinn. The entrance is located at Laagna Road, Kotka stop at the bus stop. By car, you can park your car at the Rimi and Gross store and walk down the stairs. The colorful staircase is located right before the pedestrian bridge is on the right hand. Our green head is halfway up the stairs! Opening hours can be seen here: IMG_2319
  6. Can products be returned? Products can not be returned if the complaint is inappropriate for color, incorrect dimensions, the product no longer likes / matches, or there is a similar situation that does not concern the technical part. Because we also sell defective and defective products, all of these shortcomings, which have already been outlined by us, can not be countered with these deficiencies. Each product at a given price is precisely because it has certain defects and we will not accept these complaints later. Our showroom for used department stores is open to you to preview everything before you buy and try to avoid unpleasant situations. In addition, you can work and test all the techniques before you buy with us to confirm that everything works as promised! However, if you buy, for example, a lawn mower used in our workplace and when you go home, you will notice that the product does not work, although we sold the device in running order without any defects, we ask you to bring the product back to the store. We then take the product expertise where we make it clear to the problem and then either we repair the product, receive the same product from us (if we have the same product in stock) or refund the amount paid for the item. All products sold by the converter have been tested and their technical condition has been determined!