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Today we celebrate International Recovery Day around the world! We put our heart to people to reduce their waste, it would be safer to reuse old things and, of course, sort their own waste! Reusing-tampon CLOSE! * Do not throw your old things and furniture to the landfill, try it with the help of the Convertor or sold yourself through the used stuff portals! * Before you buy new items, check out the range of used stores! Believe us, surprises continue! It's not a shame to buy an old thing! * Tarbi wisely! Think before you buy, do you still need this thing! Use a fabric pouch, stop using one-stop coffee shops and invest in a decent thermostat! Buy vegetables and vegetables in a store without a plastic bag! Use glass bottles instead of plastic bottles! When buying a wholesale, prices are cheaper and packaging is less expensive! * Sort your garbage! Yes, it makes the world better! IS A KNOWLEDGE CONSUMER! English reference and interesting article: