Product categories


Lasnamägi 15€
Kesklinn 25€
Mustamägi 25€
Õismägi 30€
Järve 25€
Nõmme, Laagri 30€
Kristiine 25€
Kakumägi 35€
Kadriorg, Majaka 20€
Kalamaja 25€
Viimsi 35€
Maardu, Muuga 35€
Peetri 25€



Transport cost includes delivering the products and if needed then carrying them to the door, but it can not take longer than 5 minutes at the delivering location.
There is an extra cost 10€ for products that need carrying with two persons (sofas, big cupboards) or someone should help on the location.
For longer transports and moving-service there is an hourly rate:
1 person + bus=30€/hour
2 persons + bus=45€/hour