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What to do to make the washing machine last long and does not smell the discomfort?

The washing machine is an irreplaceable helper, without which nowadays can no longer cope. Of course, we want the assistant to serve us impeccably and for as long as possible. For this to happen, it must, for its part, contribute to the maintenance of the machine.

What to do to make the washing machine last long and does not smell the discomfort?

Photo: Shutterstock The washing machine must first be installed correctly and well. What should be done before the washing machine is put into operation?

• set it to a secure and, if possible, watertight base; • create and adjust the height of the legs perfectly; • remove the long bolts that were in use during the transport of the washing machine; • ensure the connection of the pressure hose connected to the water pipe; • make sure the drainage pipe of the washing water is in proper connection with the sewage system. Once these points have been overcome and the defects have not occurred, it is advisable to consult the manual of the purchased washing machine, add a detergent and put the first machine plug in.

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How to clean a washing machine? Probably the topic of hot water and scum over the maintenance of washing machines is familiar to television commercials. And it's great because the hard and mineral-rich water will really contribute to the formation of descaling, especially in the case of washing at high temperatures. For proper washing and washing the washing machine, add a suitable additive to achieve the quality of the water that is suitable for washing. - The washing machine manual should be carefully read and kept in an accessible place near the washing machine. - After washing, the water tap must be tightened and the plug out of the connector (exemption for the connected water protection system). - After washing, the washer should be left open and the washing machine washed with a soft cloth. - A clean washing machine dispenser is an important factor in hygienic washing. Therefore, clean the drawer approximately every two months and remove residue from the washing powder and rinse aid. This prevents the formation of unpleasant odors and the growth of bacteria. To remove heavy dirt, clean the drawer as follows: Pull the drawer completely out of the machine, releasing the central locking. Allow the drawer to soak in the water bath and remove the residue with a soft cloth or a small brush, such as an old toothbrush. Use a suitable detergent to remove heavy dirt, such as descaling. - The washing machine filter should be cleaned regularly, especially after washing with loose clothing. Also, from time to time, the inlet filter should be cleaned from the water column. - Rust in the drum may be caused by coins or hair clips that have come into the laundry, or the like. Rust can be removed with a fine-grained cleaner. - In order to prevent the formation of odors, the washer gasket must be dried after washing with each wash. The water is accumulated in it, and the cloth dust. Only a cloth and warm water are needed to clean the rubber gutter. Wash gum carefully. Aggressive cleaning products are not required. They can damage the rubber. The machine must also be dried internally - After washing the laundry, remove the washing machine as soon as possible. Hold on to the stuff of things on the wet like molds. - Do not clean the washing machine with acid, chlorine or other potent bleaching agent. This can lead to damage to rubber gaskets. - Generally, the use of vinegar is very common in households when cleaning electrical equipment or decalcifying. However, manufacturers are not advised to do this in the case of a washing machine, as it will unduly damage the rubber part of the machine. - Descaling detergents could be used to prevent descaling. The descaling already generated can be removed by washing the washing machine with a low 90 ° C whitening program using a synthetic detergent. - Washing hoses should be checked once a year, as they can cause cracks in the pressure caused by the operation. Sources:, Bosch