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YOUR IS-DO IT YOURSELF-DIY - Restoring and waking up old furniture!

A brilliant idea of ​​how to make the old and new fashion! You can find the old and the hardest converter, which can be changed very lightly and specially! Furniture recycling is a lift, and most importantly, there is no danger that a friend will have the same suit! It is possible to restore the furniture yourself, as golden hands or to chew freelance renovators, which at a good price could achieve an excellent result! :) Here are some quick examples of what you can do: Old and old fashioned showcase for a new and Scandinavian living room! Instead of a solid wood chest of drawers, it is a modern romantic beauty. Need extra cuisine? Make yourself a nice kitchen sitter, which is going to cost you less than a kitchen meal ordered as a special order. Buy a converter at affordable shelves, linen, process and get a favorable and unique solution to make your kitchen even more acute! From the old door you will find a very special bedclothes! Antique chair for a modern accent chair! The TV section that stood on the garage may turn out to be a very awesome wardrobe in the little princess room! But let the stranger be white, put the hang of the pipe in a hang and a mirror, and it is ready! 'A casket in a beautiful dining room! The baby hood can be made to be a very tight living environment!